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Corporate Social Responsibility

The overall impact of a company is determined by what it produces, environmental impact, its recruitment and training processes, its adherence to rights and values, its investment in the community, and so on. Thor Civils Ltd are committed to implementing positive changes in the communities where we operate. 

Some examples of how we support the communities where we work include: 

  • Directly employing staff from the locality, including unskilled operatives, apprentices and engineers

  • Training and upskilling local staff

  • Sourcing plant and materials from local suppliers

  • Hiring local sub-contractors

  • Purchasing materials from local suppliers

  • Providing public amenities such as landscaping and park facilities

  • Contributing to local projects

  • Sponsoring local teams

  • Providing site visits for schools and colleges

  • Attending meet the buyer events

  • Attending careers open days in local schools and colleges

  • Upskilling the local supply chain to improve their performance on tenders and once they get to the site, so that they are better able to compete for work.

At Thor Civils Ltd, we firmly believe that active and structural collaboration with clients, suppliers and local communities allows for better project results which, is in turn, better for all stakeholders. 

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