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Installing 6 way ducting in london 


Fusion Pipe

installing 75mm pipe london





We work with developers to connect Gas, Electricity, Water and Fibre to the properties you build.

Multi Utility delivery requires a company to become expert in each of the distinct utilities. So often specialists in one area simply bolt on another service hoping their experience elsewhere will suffice.

At TC Ltd we built a multi utility offering from day one requiring us to be experts in each utility within a team that brings these streams together into a cohesive service on site through our unique operation managers.

As we develop new services we work hard for months to ensure that our ability to deliver matches the level of service rightly expected by our customers.

Utility businesses are often uninterested in their customers aims and objectives whereas Thor Civils ltd was developed in partnership with our developer customers and continues to stand out as the gold standard of technical innovation and customer service.

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