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One of the key problems that can affect structures of all kinds is subsidence. Building subsidence damage occurs when movement in the ground causes the foundations of the building to shift. This is usually due to the ground losing moisture, which can be caused by prolonged dry spells, or an increase in trees and plants around the building absorbing more water than usual from the soil. Conversely, too much water in the soil can also lead to building subsidence; this is often caused by faulty drains, or changes to the water table.


The Fix 

The solution to building subsidence is underpinning. This process involves extending the foundations of a building to shore up its supporting system and strengthen it in place. Often, it can be more effective to underpin the existing foundations of a building rather than wholesale constructing new ones. 
At Tcl Underpinning , we have a dedicated team who are experts in their field. If you’re experiencing building subsidence problems then don’t despair — get in touch, and we’ll sort it.

The solutions

TCL is privileged to have a skilled engineering team capable of designing the most cost-effective solutions for any underpinning or foundation project With our comprehensive range of restricted-access equipment and techniques, tailor-made for your underpinning foundation requirements.
We’ve got more than 20 years’ experience as one of the UK’s top underpinning contractors. Whether the project is large or small, it will almost certainly be within TCL capabilities.
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